How To Find Out What Motherboard You Have In Windows 10

So you’re planning to make a few configurations in your motherboard or either way you wanna upgrade it? Therefore you wanna find out what motherboard model you have in your Windows 10 computer?

Well, no problem because in this guide of ours, we are gonna walk you through step by step on how to find out what your motherboard model is in your Windows 10 computer. That too not only in one but four different methods.

Use The Command Prompt To Find Your Motherboard Model In Windows 10

Your motherboard is one of the most important components in your Computer. It is the component which allows all your crucial components inside your computer like the CPU or RAM to be interlinked with one another to let the machine work properly.

Either way, if you wanna make some changes or you are simply interested in what model you are using. Then follow this simple method step by step. Where we use a simple hack using the command prompt (cmd) to find out which motherboard you have in your Windows 10 computer. And to do so, follow the above steps…

Firstly go to your start menu (That little windows icon in the bottom left). Or Either way, press your Windows key on your keyboard.

Then go to the search box and type in “command prompt” or “cmd”. Then you will see a new icon appear known as “command prompt” with a description which says “Desktop app”. And you left click on that.

Using the command prompt to find motherboard model in Windows 10

And after that paste in this huge code above in your command prompt and press enter…

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber

finding your motherboard details using command prompt or cmd

Then you will get all sort of information about your motherboard to appear. Like your Windows 10 computer’s motherboard manufacturer,  the product number and also the serial code as well. After that, you can google up your motherboard’s serial number and the name and get all the specs and information about it.

You Can Also Use CpuZ To Find Your Model Number In Your Windows 10 PC

CpuZ is a software which will show you all your info about your computer specs. You can use this software to find your motherboard model number as well.

And using this software is pretty simple as well. To do so, just follow the simple steps above…

Firstly you download the software. You can do it by clicking on this link here.

And then you will have to unzip the file. For this, you can use this software named as “Winrar” to do so.

After that, you open up the application and you will then see all sorts of information about your computer listed in that.

And then you go to the “Mainboard” section and you will see what motherboard model you are using in your Windows 10 computer.

Using CpuZ to find motherboard details in Windows 10

Use System Information to find out your Motherboard Model

This is another simple method which you can implement to find out your motherboard model in your Windows 10 PC.

To do so, follow the above steps…

Firstly press your Windows key and R simultaneously and you will open up your “Run” command.

And there you type in the following code:


type "msinfo32" in Run and open system information

And then press on “OK”.

After that, you will open up the System Information tab.

There you can find all sort of information about your computers like your RAM, CPU or any hardware information.

Also, you can make a small search on the search box in that tab and type in your “motherboard” and you will see all the information about it appear.

find your motherboard details in your System Information options.

Either way, you can also use this software to find your motherboard model

This is another software like CpuZ (Which we mentioned above) and gives you the information about the motherboard of your Windows 10 computer.

The name of this software is Belarc. You can download it by going to this link here.

Once you download it, you double-click on this software and it will start to analyze your computer (it might take a few minutes).

And then it will open up a webpage in your default browser (Google Chrome on mine for example).

After that, on the webpage, you go to your”Main circuit board” section and you will see all the specs about your motherboard listed there.

Using this software named as "Belarc" to find your motherboard details

Final thoughts

Finding your motherboard model in your Windows 10 computer is pretty easy.

You can follow the methods step by step which we mentioned in this article and you are good to go.

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