Tips On Picking The Best Mattress and Bed

Are you planning on shopping for a new bed? Well, these tips will be of great help. Here are a few things that you should always consider:

The Size and Style of Your Room

If you have a huge room, a bold frame featuring a big headboard with a robust finish will create a statement and lend the room an ideal focal point. In such a large space, a simple and small frame will just appear lost. However, if you have a relatively small bedroom, then you’ll want to avoid large footboards and headboards as it will consume all the space. For a small room,  a space-saving mattress that sits on top of the frame will be ideal. If you have a low ceiling or sleep in the loft, then a bed that’s designed in a minimalist manner or emulates the Japanese style is what you should go for. For the final finish, you should pick furniture that matches or complements the new bed and you’re good to go.


Regardless of how small or big your room is, it is always an excellent idea to go for a bed that can accommodate storage. Whether you would freestanding or fitted storage, you can never have enough.

Try Before Purchasing

You can always shop online, but for beds and mattresses, it’s always good to visit a showroom and test them yourself. When making such a purchase, there is a lot to think about and the sales staff could be of great help in finding a bed and mattress that’s ideal for you. This is an important investment and so, ensure you always check the guarantees on the products. A long guarantee will ascertain that the bed and mattress are properly made and that they will last for years to come. Always go for products with a guarantee of 10 years and have been crafted using the right methods. Also, how long a  shop has been in business tells you whether you can trust their products.

Shop Together

If you are a couple, then purchasing the bed or mattress together is pretty vital. According to some study, 66% of couples blame their partners for disrupted sleep and the bed size is the primary cause of the issue. When shopping for a mattress, ensure that you both lie on it with your hands behind the head and if the elbows touch, then you may want to pick a larger bigger bed. However, this all depends on the size of your bedroom.

Mattress Matters

A mattress of high quality is vital to a good night’s sleep and so, you will want to do your homework. Start your research online by checking out city mattress reviews.

As mentioned, the sales staff may be of great help when it comes to picking the best product for you. There is a lot to consider including the type of mattresses, size, etc. If you are lucky, you may come across a store that allows you to try their products for a number of weeks with the option to exchange for a different one if it is not ideal.

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