The 3 Best Ways to Convert BMP to JPG

Suppose you are a graphic designer, a creative executive, an enthusiast, or just a one-off user who has encountered a BMP file. A BMP file, while being a greater resolution file best suited to editing, it is not as compressed and easy to download as a JPG file can be.

Moreover, while BMP file has a specific color for each pixel, which lends more detail to the image overall, there is one undeniable benefit for having an image in a JPG file: it is the most widely accessible file extension for images.

Regardless of the situation you have encountered, what is the best way to convert bmp to jpg?


If you want to escape the entire hassle of having to download and register and complexly navigate through the different options of downloaded freeware, which comes with its own conversion restrictions at times in the free version, it is always an option to just use a clean online tool like With no distracting elements or options that will slow down the conversion, this website is cut clear for any conversion. Easily convert your BMP file into any desired format.

Step 1: Select the file which you want to convert from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox or drag and drop it on the page.

Step 2: Select MP4 or any other desired format of conversion, (more than 200 supported formats).

Step 3: Download your MP4 file after it has completed the online conversion

2. Microsoft Paint

If you want to share your BMP (bitmap) file with someone or publish it on the web, you will have to compress and convert it into a jpeg file. One way to do this is using a stock Microsoft software: Microsoft Paint. Open the software and from the File menu, select the Open option. A dialog box will appear, using which you will open the BMP file. Once opened, go to the same File menu, select Save As. When the dialog box opens, choose from the drop down menu next to ‘Save as type’ and choose your target file extension.

3. XnConvert

Another way to bypass any inconvenience is through a downloaded software that will not restrict your file size nor will it bother you with advertisements. This tool gives you access to the conversion of files including 500 image formats into 80 various formats. The software also allows for easy conversion of images in batches, as well as allowing you basic editing functionality. In terms of software compatibility, it can run easily on Windows and Linux systems both. You can easily download the software online, run it, choose your BMP picture, edit it in the actions tab as you see fit, switch to the output tab and simply click on convert to change it into your ideal picture format.

So, for ease and efficiency, there are quick ways online with clean and user-friendly interfaces that get the job done like, or complex downloadable tools like XnConvert, or hacks to get through it once like MS Paint.

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