How To Set Different Background Wallpapers For Multiple Monitors In Windows 10

Multiple monitors have been growing in popularity year after year as time passes (not like it was popular before). And if you are lucky enough to own one of them, I bet you would want to set different wallpapers to your multiple monitors to give them a better appearance.

And if you really wanna set different wallpapers and you need help? then you have come to the right place.

Because in this guide of ours I’m gonna walk you through step by step on how to set different wallpapers on multiple monitors in Windows 10. With a quick and easy hack.

So without a further ado, let’s jump straight into the process.

The Easiest Method To Set Different Backgrounds On Multiple Monitors

Having different wallpapers for different monitors is essential if you don’t use the same “model” of a monitor for your multiple monitors set up.

As you know having the same background for both the monitors or multiple different monitors can be a bit “messy”. And also there is a “monitor gap” from one monitor to another and the resolution of your other monitors might not be the same as well.

And to change your background, implement the following steps…

The first thing you do is take your cursor to an empty area on your home screen and then create a new folder there. This is the folder where you’ll store the wallpapers which you wanna set, so suppose you wanna have different wallpapers for two separate monitors, so you can keep two different wallpapers in that folder. For instance, you may name it “multiple wallpapers” or anything you like which is easy for you to remember.

So you paste the wallpapers which you wanna set into that folder.

Paste the different wallpapers in a new folder

Then what you do next is again go to an empty space on your home screen.

Right-click on an empty area and go to this option named as “personalize” and then you will open up a new tab under the option “Background”.

There you will see another option labeled as “Background” as well, with selectable features.

So generally your Background is set to “Picture” but now you switch it to “slide show”.

Simple windows 10 guide to set different wallpapers to dual monitors

After that, you will see this special feature as “multiple wallpapers” with an option underneath named as “Browse”. So you simply click on browse and select the folder where you have kept your wallpapers.

And you will see different wallpapers for your multiple monitors on your Windows 10 computer…

Another way you can try to set different wallpapers…

Like the previous step. Keep your saved wallpapers which you wanna set into a new folder on the home screen of your Windows 10 desktop.

Then go through the following steps…

Firstly open up your notepad. Simply open Start by clicking on that windows icon on the bottom left and type in “notepad” and you’ll see it appear.

Then you type in the following code in the notepad

@echo off

control /name Microsoft. Personalization/page-wallpaper

Simply paste the above code in your notepad

And then save it as any name you want with a “bat” extension. And the save as type as “All Files” and then save it on your home screen.

For example, you wanna save your file named as “Multiple Wallpapers”,

Then you save it with the name as “Multiple Wallpapers.bat” and the Save as type as “AllFiles”  on your home screen with the wallpapers you wanna set.

Add a ".bat" extension to the different wallpapers file

Then you open the file which you just saved.

After that you will see this option named “Picture Locations” and you can browse through and select the file where you have the wallpapers saved.

Then you right click on the photo which you wanna set and select whether it is for monitor 1 or for monitor 2.

How To Set Different Wallpapers On Multiple Wallpapers In Windows 10

And here you go, it’s an easy way to set up different wallpapers for your different monitors on Windows 10.

All Image Credits: Youtube

Sites Where You Can Discover Remarkable Wallpapers

Well, you might need help to choose a good wallpaper for your multiple monitor setup and we are here to help you make a good selection.

There are a few sites which have a fantastic collection of photos which you might try to set on your wallpaper. These are in High definition and some can also go as far as 4k as well.

A few of them are…


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