Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy for the site:

Your privacy is one of the most important factors for our business to keep running. We have written a privacy policy below to let you know how we use your personal information with the privacy policy outlines and how you can communicate with us for more info.

The Types Of Personal Information We May Collect

When requesting or enlisting on our site, as fitting, you might be requested to enter your or different subtle elements to assist you with your experience.

We collect “Cookies” and various server details such as most websites on the web to check our data on how long you have been on our sites, the comments you posted, the time spent, the pages viewed, you geo location etc.

And the sole reason for this is to find out our user base, the location they come from and the type of content they tend to like or dislike etc.

The things which we may collect from you are:

  • Cookies
  • Your Ip addresses
  • Your Email Adress

Note: We do not sell any of your data or anything and our site is protected by SSL  and Sitelock which encrypts the link between your servers and ours and protects your data from hackers and other malware.

The Time When We Collect Your Personal Information

The moment you pay a visit to our site. We track the number of minutes you visited, the location you came from and the pages you viewed etc. We also collect your email address when you sign up for our email newsletter to give you daily updates of the content we publish or promotional offers etc.

What We Do With Your Personal Information

Like most sites, we only collect the basic information and we do not do anything illegal with them. We track your personal information and see our user analytics to improve our services and give you a better experience. Such as we check the geolocation of our site and find out where most of our users come from and what they tend to like. Then we write content based on their preferences and give promotional offers based on the demographics.

Use Of Cookies

“Cookie” is a small document with an unidentified and nameless identity. Whenever you visit a website on the web, the website asks your desktop/computer the authority to hold a small amount of plain data. And that data small files are stored in the user’s desktop. Different websites can send various cookies to your computer to store it on your hard drive specifically charged for cookies only but only if your browser’s preferences enable it. Your web browser only allows a website to access the cookies it has sent you and not the cookies which were sent from various other sites. And your personal information is saved between you and the website you visited only.

The Reason We Use Cookies

Like most other websites on the web, our reasons to use cookies are simple and straightforward. And the reasons we use them are:

  • To keep a record of our advertisements
  • They are easier to carry information from one website to another without having to store huge chunks of data from each site.
  • If there are huge chunks of data is needed to store, then a cookie can be used to identify a user. Such as your username or password in a specific website so that you won’t have to keep a re-enter all the information again.

IP Addresses

An IP Adress is a number generated by a computer every time you are connected to the internet. It is used to identify your computer/desktop. Your IP Adress is recorded as a part of the process of sending you the web pages you want to load.

The sole reason for us to track your IP Adress is to find out your geolocation. And find out from where the majority of our visitors come from and what sort of content which they tend to like most. And also to keep a record of our “traffic/visitor data”.

Email Addresses

If you ever sign up with your email for our email newsletter, we get your email address saved into our database. We use that email to send you promotional offers, content which you may like, affiliate products etc.


As per the CAN-SPAM act, all the emails we send from our business organization will sharply state/declare from whom the emails are being sent from and how you can contact the sender. And also each and every email will have a short message on how you can stop getting the updates/promotions.

How You Can Opt-Out

If you ever join our email newsletter and you wanna consider to opt-out then you can simply click on the unsubscribe link below every email. And you will no longer get our content updates or promotions. Also, you will see the unsubscribe information beneath every email.

How would we secure your data?

We have secured our site with SSL and Sitelock which encrypts any sort of link or data between yours and our servers from hackers and malware. And your data is fully secured with us.

Outsider Links

We only promote affiliate products via email sometimes which our userbase like and potentially purchase and we will not force you to purchase our products forcefully.


As we have to monetize our business to keep it running. We use a few advertisement partners to display ads on our site. Our partners are

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon

Our advertisement partners may use cookies on this site to serve ads. Google uses DART Cookies to serve you advertisements based on the other sites you visited alongside Gearchunk. For more info on Google’s Dart Cookie privacy policy click on this link here.


If you have any personal information added into our database or you wanna remove any personal information from this site kindly give us a message through our Contact Us page.

Social Media

As per most social networks, you must be over 13 years of age to sign up for any social network and follow us. We do not target people younger than 18-year-old to purchase our products unless they get an approval from their parent’s or legal guardian.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy you can visit our contact us page through the following link: