Microsoft Surface Go – Full Comprehensive Review

It is no doubt that Microsoft Surface laptops are one of the best laptops (if not the best) in the markets right now in 2018. But most of these premium laptops start at a hefty price tag of $799!

But don’t worry, because today we’ve bought you the Microsoft Surface Go which comes with an affordable price tag of $399 at the base model.

And also has some pretty decent specs as well. And no doubt it truly is a laptop which you should keep your eyes on if you are looking forward to making your next purchase.

A few thoughts about the Microsoft Surface Go

As you can tell, I’m a pretty big fan of most Surface Products.

Whether you are a student, a writer or simply a person working in a job who needs a laptop which has good specs and wants to get his work done, the Surface Go is a goldmine.

In the past, we have seen various Surface laptops such as the Microsoft Surface, the Surface 2, the Surface 3 and so on so forth. And all of their base models start at $999! And all of them run with the operating system of Windows 10 S.

But the Surface Go is relatively cheaper than all its siblings. It comes at $399 and $549 and also comes with Windows 10 S which is upgradable to the Windows 10 pro.

Also, you can switch it over to your Regular Windows 10 Home Edition without the “S mode” and experience no hassle.

The Design of the Surface Go

Microsoft Surface Go - Full Comprehensive Review

This is a laptop which comes in four different colors for you to choose from. Burgundy, Platinum, Cobalt Blue and the all-time classic, Black!

Personally, I prefer the Burgundy because it gives you a clean touch and the color is pretty unique in itself 😉

The surface Go is a type of laptop which is pretty small compared to other Surface laptops. Which is something very attractive to many people. The laptop is pretty compact and is just 10 inches. Which is pretty decent as to the ratio of the sizes of most tablets.

It has dimensions of 9.6 inches into 6.9 inches into .33 inches.

Also, this laptop is pretty lightweight and weighs less than 1.2 pounds in general.

It has 1800 by 1200 pixels and a three by two aspect ratio. Truly not the best laptop for watching movies or streaming videos. But no doubt this laptop has a better display than many high-end laptops priced over a thousand dollars.

It has two speakers on the front which face you directly, so you can get some pretty decent audio quality. And also a USB type C port with a headphone jack.

You get awesome packaging when you get the box. The box is of the same color as your laptop which you ordered. Where you get all your product information and your charger and other accessories (if you ordered them).

All your additional accessories such as your mouse and your charger etc, Come in a bit smaller size, as in they are going to be a bit smaller than a regular Surface laptop. So you kind of have to get a hold out of it.

The Surface Go also has a small stand which acts more like a spinal cord for the laptop and holds it back while you use it.

Your surface keyboard is pretty magnetic and easy to connect. You can simply attach it to your laptop and its up and running.

This is a laptop which is perfect for students. Its portable and has an awesome display.

Now let’s talk about specs!

Speaking of specs, the best part of this laptop is its webcam. It supports 1080p and 5MP in front camera and is way better than most laptops priced over $1500 or more!

Also, it supports micro SD storage and comes in 64,128 and 256 GB versions. It has a ram of 8GB which is pretty decent for a laptop this small.

Also, it comes in with an Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor/CPU which is pretty nice for its price tag.

The laptop is pretty smooth and it doesn’t lag even in applications like Adobe Photoshop and while editing a 4k file in premiere pro (Although its pretty slow while rendering a file in premiere pro). But no doubt it works perfectly with 2d files.

One thing you have to note that this is NOT a gaming laptop! You can play games like Call of Duty and Counter Striker at 30-40 FPS. But if it is more than that, the laptop, later on, goes too hot. Its quite reasonable as the laptop is pretty small itself.

A few downfalls of the Surface Go…

The main problem with the Surface Pro is that although its said to be priced at $400 but with additional accessories such as a keyboard, the type cover and the Surface mouse and pen cost around $700!

Also, it has a battery life of just 5 hours when in use but it does charge pretty quickly because of its relatively small size.


This laptop is pretty compact and no doubt it’s a good deal for the money you’re paying.

You can also see this video on the key differences between a Surface Go and an iPad.

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