How to enable game mode in Windows 10 (Here’s the real deal)

The game mode has been rising in popularity ever since the Windows 10 creators update was released in April 2017.

And many have been debating all over the web whether we Windows users have been benefitted from the new update or not.

But one thing’s for sure,

They blessed us with a new feature…

The Game Mode

And in this guide of ours, we are gonna cover everything under the sun about this new feature and how you can either enable or disable the game mode on Windows 10.

So, Let’s jump straight into it…

So what’s the game mode in Windows 10?

It’s a feature designed by Microsoft for all the Windows 10 gamers out there.

The game mode in Windows 10 is where it makes your computer fully optimized for gaming and the game you want to play.

Especially if are trying to game in a low-end computer

You surely won’t get the performance of a more expensive high-end computer by enabling game mode, but by enabling this feature you surely get you some improvements.

By enabling the game mode on your computer, it will use its full strength to focus of the game you wanna play and will remove any sort of worthless background applications active.

And guess what?

It’s a free feature!

So you get a useful feature all for free 😀

And the feature is still being refreshed as per time with new developments as well.

So you can give it some time and get some crazy updates in the near future…

The easiest way to enable or disable game mode in Windows 10

The easiest way to enable game mode on Windows 10 is by using the “Windows settings”.

So, to enable this innovation…

The first thing you do is go to the start menu (The windows icon on the lower left corner of your screen).

Then click on Settings (The small gear icon which you will see over there).

Go to the settings option

After that, you will be taken to a new tab.

There you will see an Xbox logo labeled as Gaming (Game bar, DVR, broadcasting, GameMode)

Click on the gaming option in your settings

So you left click on that and you will be taken to a new tab…

And then you will see a few options on the left side of the new tab under the header “gaming”.

There you will see an option named “Game Mode”. Left click on that option.

Click on the Game Mode Option

After that, you will see this option named “User Game Mode”…

You may enable and disable it by changing it on and off.

enable game mode

Another way through which you can enable game mode is…

By using the registry 😀

This is another easy way to enable game mode.

The first thing you do is open the “Run “ command box (press your Windows Key and R simultaneously).

Then you type “Regedit ” and click “OK”.

Open the run command

And you delete everything in the location box and paste the following path:


Type the following address into the registry

Then you will see a folder named as “Start” with a folder type as “REG_DWORD

You double-click on that file…

And change the “value data” from 3 to 4 to enable game mode.

Using the registry to enable game mode in Windows 10

Later on, if you wanna disable it, make it 4 to 3 again.

Two additional suggestions for gaming on Windows 10…

  1. Turn off any background applications. You might not get the entire gaming experience if their applications running in the background. Which means they are taking a percentage of your power supply. You can disable any background applications by going to the Start menu then to Settings and then go to Privacy after going to privacy, Turn off/Disable all the unnecessary application on your background (You may find them by going either to different options such as General, Location, Camera, Microphone etc).
  2. Change your power options to high performance. You can do this by going to the Start Menu (The Windows icon on the bottom left corner), then type in “Power Options” on the search box and left click on the result you get. There you will see your control panel, generally, your power options are set to “Balanced” but you shift it to “High Performance” instead. It’s nothing fancy tho, but you actually can experience a higher gaming experience by keeping your power options to high performance.


The game mode in Windows 10 is something which will come in handy for all of you gamers out there.

It won’t make your computer more “better”, in terms of having a low-end computer but still getting the same absolute experience of gaming on an expensive high-end computer…

But you surely can have a better overall experience indeed.

And no doubt this new feature will surely have some better updates coming up soon with newer Windows updates…

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