A Simple Guide To Enable or Disable Touchscreen In Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users want to disable touchscreen from their computers.

Well, that might be for several different reasons. And most importantly it’s all about your personal preference whether you want the touchscreen feature or not.

And if you need help on how to disable touchscreen in Windows 10…

You came to the right place. Because in this guide of ours I’m going to show you one simple process and will walk you through step by step on how you can enable and also disable the touchscreen feature in your Windows 10 computer. So without a further ado, let’s jump straight into the process.

Disable touchscreen in Windows 10 with this simple method

Disabling touchscreen is essential if you don’t like that feature. You might have a problem with your productivity at work or either way its a feature which is bringing you no benefit and you simply want to disable the touchscreen.

And to do so just go through the following steps…

The first thing you do is right-click on your little Windows icon on the bottom left and then go to “Device Manager”. Or either way, press your Windows key type in “Device Manager” in your search box.

Disable touchscreen using device manager

And after that, you will open up a new tab and within that that you will see this option named as “Human Interface Devices” and you left click on that option.

And then you will see multiple options drop down and within that, you right-click on this option named as “HID-compliant touchscreen”. Then you left click on this option named as “Disable device”.

Easily disable touchscreen in a few steps

And then accept any confirmations which you get from your operating system. After that, you will then successfully disable touchscreen in your Windows 10 computer.

And you can enable the touchscreen again by following this process…

If anytime you wanna enable this feature again, either because you want to sell your laptop or you simply want to enable this feature for some specific purpose, then go through the following steps…

You simply go back to the “Device Manager” and then left click on “Human Interface Devices” and then you will see the “HID-compliant touchscreen” file and right-click on it.

And then you select this option named as “Enable device’.

Easily enable touch screen again

After that, you will have successfully enabled your touchscreen feature on your Windows 10 computer again.

Final thoughts

This is one simple process which you can implement to either disable or enable touchscreen in Windows 10 without going through any complications.

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