An Easy Guide To Change Icon Size In Windows 10

Wanna know how you can change your icon size in Windows 10? So you recently upgraded to the Windows 10 operating system or either way, you bought a new Windows 10 computer. But you do not get a feeling of comfort while using it because your icon sizes feel a bit different.

And you wanna change it. Either make them a bit bigger or a little smaller. And if you need a guide which will walk you through step by step on how you can change your icon sizes in Windows 10, then you are in the right place.

Because in this guide I’m going to show you step-by-step on “how to change your icon size in Windows 10“. And that too not in one but three different ways.

So without a further ado, let’s jump straight into the processes.

Change icon size through your Windows 10 Settings

There is a way where you can actually change the icon size of your Windows 10 computer through your settings. Just a few simple configurations and you are good to go. And to change your icon measurements via your settings, follow the above steps.

Firstly press your Windows key.

Then click on the little gear icon (Your settings option) and a new tab will open up  (Your settings tab).

From there go to this option named “System”.

Open Windows settings

And from there under the header “Scale and Layout ” and there you will see your scaling set at a default hundred percent and you can change the scaling of your Windows 10 OS and either make it a bit bigger (by increasing the percentage) or a bit smaller (by decreasing it).

Change your icon size percentage by using this technique

Change your icon sizes through your Windows 10 menu

This is another simple way which you can implement to change your desktop icon size.

So what you do is go to your default startup homepage.

And then you right click on an empty area and then go to “view”. And from there you can select your icon size. Either large, medium or small, any size you prefer.

Change your icon size through your Windows 10 home page menu

Additional Tip: How to change icon size when in an app or a software

Suppose you are in your Microsoft excel or word or in some random application like Google Chrome and you wanna change your icon size, then all you do is press your control key on your keyboard and scroll your mouse. Scroll down to zoom out and scroll up to zoom in.

And like that, you can easily change your icon size when you are in an app or either way in a software…

Also, you can change icon text size using this process

If you face some sort of reading difficulties with your eyesight with your new icon sizes, then you might wanna consider changing your text sizes too.

And to do so, go through the following steps…

Firstly go to your default Windows 10 homepage.

And from there right-click on an empty area and click on “Display Settings”. From there click on the option called “Display”.

After that, go to this option named “Additional display settings”.

And from there go to this option named “Advanced sizing of texts and other items” under the header “Related settings”

You can then change icon size the way you want and you may also want to check that “Bold” checkbox to bold your text size as well (A personal preference).

Another Way You Can Try Is…

You can download this software known as “Wintools” which lets you change your font size in your Windows 10 computer. And you can download the software by clicking on this link here.

So after downloading the program, you install it.

And then you might wanna make a backup o your Windows 10 metrics (Just in case if you want to reset everything to how it was before)

So to do that, you open up the software…

Then you click on this option named “Icon” and click on export.

Back up your window 10 icon metrics

After that, you save the file.

And once you have done that, you are ready to change your icon size and text size.

To do so…

The first thing you do is open up Wintools again.

From there you click on the same option which says “Icon” and then you move the slider which you see over there you make changes in the icon size and text size.

And then click on “Apply”.

Make changes to your icons with wintool

Then your computer will restart.

After that, you’ll see the changes in your icon size and text size.

And if you wanna go back to your previous size, then double-click on the previous metrics which you saved as a backup and then restart your Windows 10 PC again and you’ll see the change.


If you own a touchscreen laptop, then your icon size might play a big role in your usage. As you would want to have that ideal icon size for your computer to you know, easily “touch and use”.

Hope you got the valuable information you wanted on “how you can change icon size in Windows 10“.

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