How To Block Ads in Windows 10 (Easy Guide)

We have all been through this phase of seeing some annoying ads popping up on our Windows 10 screen every now and then after a few moments of launching our computer. And at one point have you ever thought like “How do I block Ads in my Windows 10 computer?

These advertisements aren’t seemingly the most fascinating ones and they probably won’t bring you something which you would want to purchase.

Instead, they simply disturb you by blocking some parts of your screen while you are doing something important.

So in this guide of ours, I’m gonna show you everything in step by step on how you can disable any sort of ads you dislike and are being displayed on your Windows 10 computer.

So let’s jump straight into the process…

What Can You Do To Block Ads Once And For All?

There are several ways on how you can block ads on Windows 10 (depending on the platform on which you wanna block ads).

The six main platforms where  you can block ads on your Windows 10 computer are:

  1. Disable ads coming from applications.
  2. The Start-Up menu.
  3. Block ads on your Lock Screen.
  4. Disable ads in your file explorer.
  5. Windows pen and ink ads.
  6. Block ads on your search engine.

Uninstall Any App With Disturbing Advertisements

These are, in my opinion, the most disturbing types of ads.

More like those ads from an antivirus software which you might have downloaded for free and later on you start seeing those disturbing ads asking you repeatedly if you wanna upgrade to a premium version.

The simplest way to remove those ads is by uninstalling those applications.

To do so, use this step by step footprint…

Firstly go to your start menu.

Then you will see all your downloaded apps arranged alphabetically under the header “Recently Added

Right click on the app you wanna uninstall and then you will then see an option named “uninstall” and you left click on that.

Uninstalling a few apps which might contain ads

From there you will be taken to a new tab where you can fully uninstall the entire app/software.

Another way you can try is:

Go to your start menu again.

Then click on that gear icon (settings).

Click on the little gear icon (settings)

And from there you will be taken to a new tab (the settings tab).
There you will see this option named “Apps”.

And there you will see this option named as “Apps & features” and you left click on that…

And after that, you will see all your apps listed over there alphabetically.

Remove the apps and features that show bothersome ads

After that can uninstall the ones which the bothersome ads.

An Effortless Way To Block Ads From The Start Menu

Every time you either wanna use Cortana search or shutdown your Windows 10 computer and you press your Windows icon or left click on the Start-Up menu icon with your cursor on Windows 10,

You see a new sidebar open up…

There you see various different recommended apps from Microsoft.

Either it’s a game or a windows store advertisement which wants to grab your attention…

So, if you wanna remove those ads once and for all, follow the following steps:

Firstly, press your windows icon and open up your start menu.

Then, you go to settings (left click on that little gear icon which appears over there)

After that step, you will see a new tab open up. There you will see an option named as “Personalization” and you left click on it.

After that, you will be taken to another page and there you will see an option named “Start” and you click on that.

There you will see a toggle bar labeled as “Show suggestions occasionally in start”. So you turn that option from “on” to “off”.

Remove ads from the start menu of your Windows 10 PC

And there you go, you will no longer see any ads on your start menu.

Another thing you can try is you can “unpin” any ads you don’t wanna see on the start menu and keep the selected ones you wanna see.

You can do this by going through the following steps…

Open up your start menu.

Then you will see all the apps which are “pinned” on your start menu.

Block ads from start menu

So you right click on the one you wanna remove and select this option named “unpin from start”. And you easily block ads from your start menu using this technique.

A Quick Guide To Block Ads From Your Windows 10 Lock Screen

This process is pretty much same as blocking ads on the Start-Up menu…

So the first thing you do is go to your start menu.

Then click on that gear icon again (settings).

And then go to this option named “Personalization” and you’ll be taken to a new tab.

From there go to this option named “Lock Screen”.

And there you will see this option named “Background”. Your background options are generally set to “Windows Spotlight”. Change it to “Picture”.

Then you will have to disable this option under the header “Advanced slideshow settings”.

After that, you go to “Start” and there you see an option named as “occasionally show suggestions on start” and you simply disable that as well. And you will no longer see ads in your Lock Screen again.

An Easy Way To Disable Ads In File Explorer

Getting those unwanted ads every now and then in your file explorer? And they are covering a large part of your screen with those gigantic headlines?

Well, don’t worry because I’ve got the perfect remedy to it.

Just follow the following path step by step and all those ads will be gone for good.

So you go to your file explorer…

Then triple click on that top left option named as “file”.

And then you click on this option named as “change folder and search options” and then you will open up a new tab with the title “folder options”.

Block ads in file explorer

After that, go to this option named as “View“. Which is directly between “General” and “Search“.

Then you scroll down a little bit until you reach this option named as “Show sync provider notifications” and you uncheck that box.

Easily remove ads from your Windows 10 file explorer

Then click on Apply and then OK. And by implementing this easy technique you’ll block ads in your file explorer.

Remove Any Windows Pen And Ink Ads

So to remove any sort of pen and ink ads, go through the following path.

Firstly go to your start menu.

Then go to settings and it will open up a new tab.

From there go to this option named “Devices”.

Inside Devices, you will see this another option named as “Pen and Windows Ink”.

Remove Pen & Ink advertisements

There you will see this option/choice named “show recommended app suggestions”. And you simply turn that off.

Block Ads From Your Search Engine By Using This Method

The easiest way to block any sort of ads on your default browser is by using Adblock.

It’s a special chrome extension which helps you block any sort of unnecessary and also harmful ads which might affect your Windows computer.

You may download Adblock by clicking on this link here.

Why Are There Ads On Your Windows 10 PC

So firstly, let’s tackle this query asked by thousands of Windows users, “Why on Earth are there advertisements on my Windows 10 computer?”

It’s not because you moved to Windows 10 for free or purchased the original product for a price tag of $200 or either way not because you bought a new PC which has windows 10 as a complimentary.

There are other various reasons for this scenario…

The most common one is if you download some unwanted software or applications by mistake which might get a free access to your Windows 10 PC with viruses and other malware.

There are many antiviruses or games or “free softwares” which you might download thinking it might bring you some benefits.

But later on, you realize that there are ads popping over your windows 10 computer everywhere.

The Types Of Ads You Might See

A few common types of advertisements which you might see are:

  • Pop up ads. Pop up ads are probably the most common type of ads found in Windows 10 and also the most disturbing type. These ads are normally from antivirus software asking you to upgrade to their premium versions. Such as the “Avast Antivirus” software, where they give a small pop up ad almost every time you launch windows 10 asking you to subscribe to their premium services. There is also this article written by Engadget on how the creator of pop up ads deeply apologizes for his creation. You may check it out by clicking on this link here.
  • Banner ads. These are the small banners which often appear on your screen. Either promoting a premium version of the software you installed or a small notification from an application inside your Windows computer.
  • The ads on the start menu. These are the types of ads which you often see when you press your start menu (the windows icon on the bottom left). You might see different news articles and colorful logos of different windows applications and games etc.

How To Stop Seeing Ads In Windows 10

A few actions you can do to no longer face any disturbing ads in the future are,

  • You can stop downloading unsafe softwares from the web. You might also see a small warning sign from Google if they think a file has malware before you try to download it.
  • Try implementing the methods provided in the guide to disable any unwanted ads on your Windows 10 computer.


Ads are being displayed on Windows 10 PCs at a rapid speed. And these are a few ways you can block any type of ad on your Windows 10 computer.

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