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Some story time…

Gearchunk is a private blog created recently by me (Keiko) in July 2018.

I have been a technology freak ever since I was a kid and so much so that I had over 4 blogs on Blogger.com related to technology when I was in 7th grade.

In mid-2017 I started my first WordPress site (Sorry, but I don’t wanna reveal the name right now) and which got some decent traction.

On this date in July 2018, It gets around two thousand views per month although I wrote less than 10 articles there.

But the only thing was I wasn’t that motivated in writing content in that blog, and that was for two reasons:

  • I didn’t like the name it had.
  • And I was dead bored with the type of content I was writing in it (I chose a small niche and barely had anything passionate to write about).

But now, I’m fully motivated to write content on Gearchunk.

As I simply love the name “Gearchunk”. “Gear” in terms of all the gizmos and the tech-related stuff which I can write all about the entire day as I simply love tech!

And “Chunk” which means “part or piece”. Which technically stands for “gear piece”. And in all honesty, I simply adore the name, like writing tech related content one piece at a time.

All I want to do is help people like you out there with some high-quality content and give you the best experience. And I’m truly passionate about this as well.

And if I could ever help you with any article which I ever published. I would greatly appreciate it if you give this site a small facebook share.

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